Meet our experienced team

Our team is driven by scientific and data research in the field of molecular diagnostics. We are determined to empower innovative and personalized treatment of various diseases.

At SkylineDx, our collaborative spirit and growth mindset break down any silos. While we face the challenges of our mission together, we also find time to cultivate bonds and share moments of joy. We believe that we should foster open communication and recognize and celebrate the diversity that defines our team. In our cozy canteen during lunch breaks, you’ll overhear animated conversations about our latest company challenges and competition, our charity event, upcoming triathlons, or lively discussions about the newest additions to our corporate library. You might even stumble upon our compliment board, adorned with heartfelt messages from peers, fostering a culture of appreciation and support.


These moments of camaraderie underscore the sense of team effort and collaboration that permeates our workplace. Whether we’re exchanging ideas over lunch or cheering each other on in our personal pursuits, we prioritize connection and belonging. At SkylineDx, we’re not just colleagues—we’re a tightly-knit community united by a shared purpose and a commitment to each other’s success.

Join us in our journey where collaboration, innovation, and fun converge. Together, we’ll continue to #playtogethertowin, celebrating victories both big and small as we strive to make a meaningful impact in healthcare.