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Quality of our life is in our genes

At SkylineDx, we live to make a difference. It is our mission to improve a patient’s quality of life by enabling them to benefit from personal insights at the genomic level of their disease.

Disease often harbors genomic changes in the cells. By measuring these genomic alterations, we can have a better understanding of how the disease will develop over time. With more information available on the course of the disease, care providers can set out a more personalized treatment path, offering the patient a better quality of life.

To facilitate our mission, we are continuously improving the world of gene signature-based (genomic) diagnostic testing. Our story is one of passion, innovation, and dedication. Founded with a vision to personalize healthcare through state-of-the-art diagnostics, we have cultivated a culture that thrives on collaboration, integrity, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

We THINK about how our innovations can impact many lives

Historically and generally, patients with the same type of disease are treated the same. Despite knowing that a group of patients will respond less or not respond at all. In oncology, inflammatory diseases, and many other indications, the large clinical unmet need is identifying upfront who will respond and who will not. Who will need surgical intervention and who does not. Knowing this prior to treatment saves debilitating side effects, additional hospitalizations, complications, medication and medical interventions, and, ultimately, a worse quality of life.

Luckily, recent decades have shown vast research interest in finding biomarkers that can classify a patient as responder versus non-responder, at high risk for developing metastasis versus at low risk or at high risk of having a specific disease or to rule out disease. These biomarkers have a pivotal role in addressing the clinical unmet need.

At SkylineDx, it is our aim to translate this biomarker research into a tangible test (molecular assay) that fulfills all criteria for safe use in the clinic. Ultimately, it supports care providers and patients in decision-making on whether a therapy will work or surgery is necessitated.

Our greatest asset is our people. From our visionary leaders to our talented scientists and dedicated staff, each member of the SkylineDx team is united by a shared commitment to making a difference. We foster an environment where diversity is celebrated, ideas are encouraged, and every voice is heard.

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Our mission and vision

At SkylineDx, we live to make a difference.

It is our mission to improve a patient’s quality of life by enabling them to benefit from personal insights at the genomic level of their disease.

We aspire to provide better diagnostic tools for care providers, to enhance the quality of every patient’s life.

Looking ahead, our vision is bold and ambitious. We envision a future where every patient receives individualized medical care, based on the genomic profile of their disease.

At the heart of SkylineDx is a culture defined by four pillars:

Live.          Think.          Battle.          Care.

We LIVE to make a difference, fueling our passion to drive positive change in healthcare

We THINK about how our innovations can impact many lives, constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible

We BATTLE to make progress in a conservative world, challenging norms and overcoming obstacles with determination and resilience

We CARE about the people we serve, approaching our work with empathy, compassion, and a deep sense of responsibility

At SkylineDx, our identity is defined by our unwavering commitment to our core values. These values serve as the compass guiding our every decision and action, ensuring that we stay true to our mission. Together, these values form the foundation of our culture and guide us as we navigate the landscape of healthcare. With our brand visor as our compass, we are driven by a shared purpose: to make a meaningful difference in the world by delivering science-based solutions that improve lives.

For us it's personal

SkylineDx Team

At SkylineDx, we’re on a mission to revolutionize healthcare. Our dedicated team of experts is laser-focused on discovering novel gene-based biomarkers and transforming them into registered diagnostics that are ready to change clinical practice. The status quo is not all we can achieve– we’re pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and paving the way for a new era of personalized medicine.

Corporate Impact

It’s not all about work. We believe in giving back to the communities we serve, focusing on health and wellbeing: from cleaning beaches to running marathons for World Cancer Day. At SkylineDx, we actively participate in social events organized by and for colleagues. Additionally, we have periodical educational sessions to increase mental health and skin cancer awareness. And we volunteer for various local initiatives. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. If you have an initiative that would be interesting for our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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