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Founded in 2013, SkylineDx developed into a global and leading molecular diagnostics company. Very lean and efficient, we were able to reach all major milestones from in-licensing intellectual property rights to signing partnerships executing the commercialization in both the United States and Europe.

Meanwhile, we were expanding our network of clinical collaborators including esteemed cancer centers, executing analytical, clinical validation, utility studies, and building value dossiers that should result in reimbursement and guideline inclusion. For our European CE-IVD route, every step is controlled under the stringent ISO-13485 prior to the products being marketed. Our San Diego (CA, USA) based clinical laboratory operates at the highest level of quality laboratory standards. It was granted CAP accreditation in June 2019, following its CLIA certification in December 2018. We pride ourselves on reaching these landmarks without losing sight of what we think is truly important: improving a patient’s quality of life.

With two high-performing tests available commercially, we strive to empower care providers and patients in personalized treatment decision-making and address large unmet medical needs in the respective fields.

The Merlin™ test

The Merlin™ test is in-licensed from and co-developed with Mayo Clinic (USA). It is commercially available in the United States and Europe. Merlin uses the proprietary CP-GEP algorithm to identify cutaneous melanoma (skin cancer) patients at low risk of having nodal metastasis who could forgo an invasive surgery under general anesthetics.


SKY92 is in-licensed from the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). It is commercially available in the United States and Europe. SKY92 calculates the risk of having an aggressive form of multiple myeloma (blood cancer) that might require a more intensive treatment regimen to increase the length of the remission.

Many more unmet needs could benefit from molecular diagnostic guidance. STRIX Program is our innovation engine that secures new, high-potential biomarkers to progress our current development pipeline.

Partner with us in pioneering genomic diagnostics. Your impactful contributions will allow patients to be diagnosed faster, more accurately, forgo unnecessary surgery, and support shared decision-making on personalized care strategies.

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We have formed strong partnerships with renowned institutes like Mayo Clinic, Erasmus MC, and Imperial College London, collaborating in various stages of diagnostic development.

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With over 20 publications and growing our robust research contributes to the advancement of science, ultimately providing patients with better care.


Our knowledge-sharing goes beyond Europe and North America. We gain our initial invaluable insights by combining US and European perspectives. From there, we determine where the diagnostic test could have the best positive impact on health care.


Through our clinical studies, we build (access to) highly valuable biobanks. This allows us to do additional validation steps quicker, and discover new biomarkers- extending our pipeline faster.

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SkylineDx Annual Report – 2022


SkylineDx Annual Report – 2021


Newest publications

Journal / Conference: EADV 2023

By integrating an risk prediction model with established staging systems like AJCC/BWH, we’ve refined risk stratification in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. This empowers the identification of subgroups within lower stages, enhancing personalized follow-up schedules for improved patient outcomes.

First author: Hill
Journal / Conference: AAD conference 2024

Poster presented by Dr. Yu from University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center at AAD 2024. The abstract concludes that the CP-GEP assay improved risk stratification for nodal metastasis and disease recurrence in patients with cutaneous melanoma

Journal / Conference: AACR 2024

Delving into the intricacies of model development, insights are presented into optimizing predictive accuracy within nested case-control cohorts.

Journal / Conference: AACR 2024

In a significant advancement, we validate risk thresholds to discern high-risk subsets across diverse cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma stages, utilizing a robust independent nationwide UK cohort. This vital research aims to refine patient stratification and improve treatment outcomes.

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