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At SkylineDx, we’re on a mission to transform healthcare by offering scientifically robust and clinically relevant molecular diagnostic tests that address a current unmet medical need.

Whether it regards diagnosing faster, deselecting patients for procedures or finding therapy responders, our tests support care providers and patients in their treatment decision-making. Each test delves into the biology of the disease and analyses a patients’ unique gene expression, unraveling their individual disease profile and empowering those involved to make informed choices at pivotal moments in their lives.

We LIVE to make a difference

Our innovative medical technology is already making a significant impact. Our team is driven by scientific research, data science and clinical relevance. It is not a solo journey. While we are disease agnostic, we pride ourselves in having a very clear focus: bridging the gap between (academically) discovered biomarkers and commercially available diagnostic assays. This means we collaborate with esteemed medical (academic) centers in the United States and Europe to further develop their foundational and instrumental work in biomarker discovery. Once launched commercially, we sign commercial partnerships to strengthen the sales and marketing efforts, expanding the test’s footprint globally.

Value-based healthcare starts with comprehensive molecular diagnostics that address a clinical unmet need. In collaboration with our partners, we are dedicated to make these tests available in the real world setting through a focus on reimbursement and market access for patients.

For us it's personal

SkylineDx is founded by passionate innovators that set out on a journey to positively change healthcare each step of the way, with a relentless drive to make a difference. Over the years, as we faced challenges and celebrated victories, we always remained steadfast in our commitment. Today, our story continues to unfold as we have diagnostics on the market available to support decision-making and even more in our pipeline.

Experienced Team

Our interdisciplinary team ensures thorough, scientifically robust development and effective marketing of assays

Collaboration Model

Partnering with discovery – and commercial partner experts, allow us to focus on what we do best: getting molecular diagnostics from bench to bedside

Clinical Expert Network

Our extensive clinical network ensures patient-centric care as a foundation throughout our assay development process

Decade of Excellence

With over 10 years of experience in molecular diagnostics, we lead innovation for personalized healthcare

What we do

We believe that scientifically robust and clinically meaningful biomarkers should find their way to patients, therefore we don’t focus on one disease or group of diseases specifically. We encourage you to submit your biomarker discovery or your proposal to write a grant application with us. We are always open to new collaborations. Whether it regards collaborations to generate additional evidence on products already in our pipeline or collaborations outside our current R&D Programs.

STRIX Program

STRIX is the best-known genus of the Owl-family and stands for proverbial wisdom and perception. While leading a somewhat hidden nocturnal existence, this bird keeps the ecosystem well-balanced. With his sharp attention to details and incredible line of sight, STRIX Services is uniquely equipped to make visible what otherwise remains hidden. 

Under the wings of STRIX Services, a series of specific projects have been initiated aimed at biomarker discovery, with novel peer-reviewed and in-house developed biomarker tools. This service is now open for additional projects. Independent from the type of data, if you want to identify a sub-population through biomarkers, we will find it.

Falcon R&D Program for Dermato-Oncology

Melanoma is an aggressive type of skin cancer. In melanoma, we have an extensive collaboration named the Falcon R&D Program. As the falcon bird is known as an intelligent creature with unprecedented senses and skills, our R&D program is uniquely equipped to unveil new, detailed insights in the genomic, biologic and clinical nature of melanoma. 

Under the wings of the Falcon R&D Program, a series of specific studies and projects has been initiated, aimed at developing and introducing an array of diagnostic utilities, to provide physicians with the tools to optimize the clinical pathway of their patients. Not by coincidence, related series of studies are named after birds of prey in the Falcon family.

Panthera R&D Program for Hemato-Oncology

The Panthera Program focuses on hematological malignancies, cancers that develop in blood cells. Tackling hematological cancer requires strength and intelligence. Conditions such as multiple myeloma hide deep in the bone marrow.

Delphia R&D Program for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

Infectious and Inflammatory diseases consist of many disorders and studies suggest that a dysfunction of the immune system seems to be an important shared characteristic. The first disease in this program is Kawasaki disease.

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Learn our story

At the core, our greatest asset is our people. From visionary leaders to talented scientists and dedicated staff. Each member of the SkylineDx team is united by a shared commitment to make a difference. Our teams are structured to advance the research and development in 3 dedicated programs, personified by animal genera: Falcon R&D Program for Dermato-Oncology, Panthera R&D Program for hematology and Delphia R&D Program for infectious & inflammatory diseases.

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Our dedicated, international team of over 70 experts is led by our global leadership team.

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