Franklin Libenson

Chief Growth Officer

At SkylineDx, my central objective is to champion the cause of patients who face the challenges of misclassification in cancer diagnosis. In my role, I am passionately "battling" against the erroneous categorization of patients as either "low" or "high" clinical risk. This widespread issue of misclassification leads to dire consequences in both scenarios: patients deemed low risk might miss out on critical early intervention, while those incorrectly labeled as high risk may undergo unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments. The most effective tool we have to prevent this is genomic and genetic testing.

At SkylineDx, we pride ourselves on offering best-in-class tests that assist physicians in making these pivotal decisions. I am dedicated to fighting for the access of these patients to our tests. Timely and accurate identification of cancer is crucial; a delay or a misstep in diagnosis can lead to tragic consequences. I will tirelessly advocate for these patients, ensuring our cutting-edge tools are used to their fullest potential to save lives and improve outcomes.