Quality of life

is in our genes


At SkylineDx, we live to make a difference. It is our mission to improve a patient’s quality of life by enabling them to benefit from personal insights at the genomic level of their disease. That means we are continuously innovating the world of gene signature-based diagnostic testing.


That also means we have a unique blend of characteristics. As our brand visor and quotes below show, we have our soft side. Our culture is oftentimes described as familial, warm, loyal and highly engaged. We have our rational side where exact sciences are driving our mission. And when needed our passionate side surfaces to clear the way for us so we can serve society with science based solution.


Our quotes:


We live to make a difference.
This is not easy but we enjoy the experience and have fun.


We think about how our innovations can impact many lives.
We need to be curious and use our combined knowledge to realize impactful solutions


We battle to make progress in a conservative world.
This is challenging the status quo and we need all our ambition and passion to win


We care about the people we serve.
We feel responsible for what matters. We can only achieve this by working together.