challenge the old ways


Always challenge the old ways. Genetics are playing an increasingly crucial role in diagnostics. Although their importance is clear, reliable diagnostic tests based on genetic disease information is not always available. Whether it is cancer or another disease area, we keep extending our pipeline in order to make these gene-based tests widely available in the future to enable personalized treatment plans for patients and their physicians.  


Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. For these patients, we are developing a diagnostic test in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Based on genetic information from the cancer cells (primary melanoma), this skin cancer test predicts if a patient is at risk of having metastases in the lymph nodes. This product is currently in the development phase.

Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer. While we already have a prognostic test available for these patients, we are moving towards predictive diagnostic tests. We discovered two gene signatures that are able to predict the most effective treatment for individual patients at the moment of diagnosis. By selection the right treatment options in the beginning, these patients experience considerably reduced disease progression. These products are currently in the validation phase.