SkylineDx Presents an Abstract on Risk Identification for Multiple Myeloma Patients at the 20th Congress of the EHA

Boston (U.S.) – Rotterdam (NL), June 8, 2015. On the 13th of June SkylineDx will present an abstract detailing the comparison of SKY92 GEP, IFISH AND ISS for risk identification in Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients and the clinical relevance of SkylineDx’ lead product, the MMprofiler. Prognostic biomarkers are valuable for risk assessment in clinical settings in Multiple Myeloma, which is a heterogeneous disease with variable outcomes. SkylineDx will show how individual patients may or may not be classified as high risk depending on the model used.

SkylineDx will participate at the 20th Congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA) on 11th – 14th June in Vienna. The company will present work done, in collaboration with several of their partners, which the EHA has accepted for the following poster presentation at their 2015 meeting:

  • Authors: Erik van Beers, Martin van Vliet, Leonie de Best, Walter Gregory, Gareth Morgan, Hartmut Goldschmidt, Rowan Kuiper, Mark van Duin, Annemiek Broijl, Pieter Sonneveld.
  • Date of presentation: Saturday 13 June Time: 5:15 PM -6:45 PM
  • Room location: Poster area (Hall C)

SkylineDx evaluated four risk models for their clinical performance in two large datasets, HOVON65/GMMG-HD4 and MRC-IX. The data shows that the proprietary gene signature, SKY92, is a better prognostic marker than iFISH or iFISH+ISS with twofold higher hazard ratios (HR). The addition of ISS to SKY92 is relatively easy to perform and is powerful for the identification of a group of patients with favorable prognosis as judged by the median overall survival (OS) which is not reached at 60 months in both cohorts.

The research was done using SkylineDx’s MMprofiler, a comprehensive assay for genetic subtyping of MM patients. This assay combines the innovative gene expression signature, SKY92, in conjunction with several more genetic prognostic markers associated with MM.

The MMprofiler will be soon available as an In vitro Diagnostic Test (CE IVD). Currently the MMprofiler is a Research Use Only (RUO) assay, which can help to improve the success rate of clinical trials and drug development.

About the MMprofiler

The MMprofiler is a state-of-art whole genome microarray (chip) based on mRNA gene-expression, measuring the SKY92 signature and a full range of conventional prognostic markers.The MMprofiler (SKY92) detects high risk patients significantly better, than available risk markers. It facilitates personalized treatment of MM patients based on their genetic subtypes and prognostic assessment.

SkylineDx – Effective and Comprehensive Genetic Testing

SkylineDx develops and markets innovative molecular diagnostic tests based on Gene Expression Profiling, which accurately assess prognosis and improve patient stratification in oncology (currently Multiple Myeloma and Acute Myeloid Leukemia). 

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