SkylineDx commits to develop diagnostic test for Squamous Cell Carcinoma

ROTTERDAM (the Netherlands), SAN DIEGO (US), June 24, 2021: Today, SkylineDx announced to invest in research and development in the field of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), as part of a Dutch consortium including the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, University Medical Center Rotterdam (EMC). The collaboration focuses on the discovery and validation of a model that identifies the SCC patient at high risk of developing metastasis. These high-risk patients would benefit from an intensive surveillance program to closely monitor the progress of their disease. The second objective is to enrich the model by adding genomic information to identify the most aggressive tumors among high-risk patients. Those patients may benefit from more aggressive or adjuvant treatment to reduce their risk of metastasis. This collaboration has a unique starting point because the researchers have extensive experience and will work with the unique infrastructure of large national routinely collected health care datasets of metastatic SCC patients.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma is the second most common form of skin cancer and is diagnosed approximately 1.8 million times per year in the United States [2]. Exact number of people who develop or die from SCC is unknown as this cancer is not well-tracked globally and notably understudied. In general, 95% of patients have a good prognosis and will not develop SCC-related metastasis.

“Unfortunately, we lack predictive models that can differentiate these patients with a good prognosis from the patients at high risk of developing metastasis. Consequently, in current clinical practice, the entire patient population receives an intensive 5-year follow-up regime, putting an unnecessary burden on both patients and the healthcare system”, comments Dr. Marlies Wakkee, Dermatologist at EMC. “This consortium is a strong collaborative effort between different experts from a scientific and a business perspective to develop and translate the scientific project to clinical practice. Through the support of this investment, we have the opportunity to truly improve the diagnostic, treatment and follow-up pathways of patients with this type of skin cancer”.

“There is a huge medical unmet need affecting millions of Squamous Cell Carcinoma patients globally each year. I am confident that together with EMC, we can develop the prediction models into actionable molecular tests, ready for clinical use”, concludes Dharminder Chahal, CEO SkylineDx. “After several research and study initiatives in melanoma, we now continue to expand our scope and add value as a company in a broader field of skin cancer”. 

About SkylineDx

SkylineDx is a biotechnology company, focused on research & development of molecular diagnostics in oncology and inflammatory diseases. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and complemented with a field medical and scientific affairs team in the US and a CAP/CLIA certified laboratory in San Diego (California). SkylineDx uses its expertise to bridge the gap between academically discovered gene expression signatures and commercially available diagnostic products with high clinical utility, assisting healthcare professionals in accurately determining the type or status of disease or predict a patient’s response to treatment. Based on test results, healthcare professionals can tailor the treatment approach to the individual patient. To learn more, please visit  


  1. Link to this press release on website SkylineDx (click here).

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