SkylineDx and NeraCare enter a strategic partnership to advance precision medicine for early-stage melanoma

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands and SAN DIEGO, U.S. April 20, 2023:  SkylineDx, an innovative diagnostics company focused on research & development of molecular diagnostics for oncology and inflammatory diseases, today announced its first non-academic strategic partnership with NeraCare GmbH from Frankfurt, Germany to co-develop a test to help life science companies bring lifesaving melanoma therapies to market.

NeraCare, a leading developer of laboratory tests for personalized survival prediction of melanoma patients, is rising to the forefront of modern clinical trial design with its proteomic test, Immunoprint®. Immunoprint®  identifies patients with early-stage melanoma who are at high-risk of relapse and death. This information is invaluable for pharmaceutical companies as they develop therapies for highly specific subsets of a patient population. Immonoprint® will enable drug innovators to include only those patients for their trial that meet the specified criteria, which will in turn improve trial success, and ultimately shorten the time needed to bring their drug to market.

The agreement includes an exclusive co-development and licensing agreement for Immunoprint®. SkylineDx and NeraCare will work together to accelerate the development of Immunoprint®, while leveraging SkylineDx’s global network, and discovery and validation expertise. The companies will present prospective and archival validation data on the potential impact of Immunoprint® for patient selection at the 2023 European Association of Dermato-Oncology congress.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for SkylineDx as the world continues to move toward on personalized care, and away from one-sized-fits-all approaches to medicine. The team at NeraCare has made great progress in melanoma risk stratification,” commented Jvalini Dwarkasing, Chief Scientific Officer SkylineDx. “Through this collaboration, we anticipate to accelerate the development of precision diagnostics and treatment for patients with this life-threatening disease.”

“We are thrilled to partner with SkylineDx as they have a proven R&D track record, and success in bringing innovative diagnostic solutions to market,” said Daniel von Janowski and Friedrich Ackermann, Co-Founders of NeraCare.

About SkylineDx

SkylinDx is a biotechnology company focused on research & development of molecular diagnostics in oncology and inflammatory diseases. SkylineDx uses its expertise to bridge the gap between academically discovered gene expression signatures and commercially available diagnostic products with high clinical utility, assisting healthcare professionals in accurately determining the type or status of disease or predicting a patient’s response to treatment. Based on test results, healthcare professionals can tailor the treatment approach to the individual patient. SkylineDx is headquartered in Rotterdam. the Netherlands, complemented by a U.S. base of operations and a CAP/CLIA certified laboratory in San Diego California, USA. To learn more about SkylineDx, please visit

About NeraCare

NeraCare is a developer of laboratory tests for individualized survival with offices in Frankfurt and New York. In addition to Immunoprint®, the company markets the gene expression-based assay MelaGenix®, which was used in the NivoMela trial, the first clinical trial in melanoma to select patients for adjuvant treatment based on individualized risk for relapse. The company has raised close to $15 million in venture capital funding led by MIG Capital AG, also a founding investor of German biotech giant BioNTech.

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