SkylineDx and BioInvent to collaborate on patient stratification to maximize impact of treatment with BI-1206


ROTTERDAM (the Netherlands) and SAN DIEGO (US), March 24, 2020: SkylineDx today announces an agreement with BioInvent International AB (OMXS: BINV) to characterize the gene expression and immunological signatures in tumors of patients pre- and post-treatment with BI-1206. BioInvent is a clinical stage public company, headquartered in Lund (Sweden), with innovative immuno-regulatory antibody-based cancer therapies in their pipeline. They developed the F.I.R.S.T. platform that simultaneously identifies targets and antibodies that bind to them, generation promising new drug candidates. Together the companies will research and develop predictive immunological signatures to help identify patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and solid cancers who are likely to show clinical responses if treated with BI-1206, BioInvent’s lead product candidate.


“It is a real pleasure to announce our collaboration with BioInvent, a true pioneer in promising new cancer treatments. As a diagnostics company, we always strive for precision medicine. Joining forces to identify true responders in early phase pharmaceutical trials, will mark an important milestone towards that goal”, comments Dharminder Chahal, CEO SkylineDx.


“We are delighted to be working with SkylineDx, a company that has built up a great deal of expertise in molecular diagnostics, which is essential for the development of targeted cancer therapies. Identifying the right patients who are likely to respond to treatment with BI-1206 will constitute a major asset in the development of this promising treatment and, along with FcgRIIB expression levels, should support the extension of its use to other malignancies”, concludes Martin Welschof, CEO BioInvent.


About SkylineDx

SkylineDx is a high-tech commercial-stage biotech company headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and a commercial office and CAP/CLIA certified laboratory in San Diego, California, USA. The company uses its expertise to bridge the gap between academically discovered gene expression signatures and commercially available diagnostic products with high clinical utility. With the focus on diagnostics, SkylineDx assists healthcare professionals in accurately determining the type or status of the disease or to predict a patient’s response to a specific treatment. Based on the test results, healthcare professionals can tailor the treatment to the individual patient. To learn more, please visit


About BioInvent

BioInvent International AB (OMXS: BINV) is a clinical stage company that discovers and develops novel and first-in-class immuno-modulatory antibodies for cancer therapies, with two ongoing programs in Phase l/ll clinical trials for the treatment of hematological cancer and solid tumors, respectively. Two preclinical programs in solid tumors are expected to have entered clinical trials by the end of 2020. The Company’s validated, proprietary F.I.R.S.T™  technology platform simultaneously identifies both targets and the antibodies that bind to them, generating many promising new drug candidates to fuel the Company’s own clinical development pipeline or for additional licensing and partnering.


The Company generates revenues from research collaborations and license agreements with multiple top-tier pharmaceutical companies, as well as from producing antibodies for third parties in the Company’s fully integrated manufacturing unit. More information is available at