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SkylineDx is a pioneer in the field of molecular diagnostics through developing and commercializing array-based diagnostic tests using gene signatures for personalized medicine in oncology that help to provide physicians and patients with the best individual care possible. At SkylineDx we transform life sciences into the daily practice of clinical diagnostics. SkylineDx has a dedicated team with unique expertise and the technology needed for a highly efficient identification of novel relevant biomarkers, development, registration and commercialization of (companion) diagnostics.
As an innovative company, SkylineDx is continuously seeking for ambitious colleagues with an academic and/or industrial background that are passionate about our mission.
​At the moment we don't have any open vacancies
If you are interested in working at SkylineDx please send your resume accompanied by your motivation to info@skylinedx.com
Please note that we do not appreciate any acquisition.
Under construction – meanwhile you can visit our old website SkylineDx.com or go to MMprofiler.com